Wild Women Rising

An Invitation For Women Creatives And Healers With A Vision

Ready To Unleash Your Wild Self…

Who Are You To Want More?

More Freedom. More Confidence. More Connection. More Security. More Intimacy. More Power. More Spirit. More Abundance.

Could Life Really Be Better?

These questions are so common among us- among women.

You Know You Have Been Called To Something Bigger,

But Something Is In The Way…

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Wild Healers Rising

A Group Business Program With Authenticity and Soul
Designed for Creative Healers Who Want More Impact, Freedom, and Income

Could this be you?

You’ve got a lot of ideas to launch your practice or group program, but you are just stuck.

    • It’s big

    • It’s overwhelming

    • It’s easy to put on the back burner

  • You don’t know where to focus or start

You know that if you stay stuck, you aren’t making the difference In the world that you know you can make.

  • You might feel the need to be perfect at everything before you do it, so you find yourself spending time doing more research, wanting to learn more, which can make it challenging to actually get out there and try- because “what if I fail”?

  • You want to step into the light but it feels too vulnerable to be seen

  • You fear you lack discipline and that if you start working on your idea that you won’t finish it and it will just be yet another failure to add to the list

Are you ready to finally feel like it’s possible?

What if there was a tried and true formula, where you don’t have to reinvent the wheel? 

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