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What Will Your End Time Story Be?

I took a pot gummy and went to the new star wars movie. This was before the pandemic, before mentors began speaking matter of factly about end times.

As the lights dimmed I was bombarded with trailer after trailer of apocalypse. Is this our collective unconscious feeling into an inevitable future? Is it on its way with certitude and tracking number, like an Amazon Prime delivery?

Or can we tell, believe, and enact a different story?

I am investing in a different story. What gives me hope is all the others doing the same. I’m on a mission to create refuge, a food forest and co-op, replicable in suburbia, a place of healing and freakiness, aimed to inspire. And of course re-wilding and empowering groups of forty or so women at a time.

My question to you:

Do you feel a niggling deep down in your bones? A wake-you-up-with-the-crows come hither finger from spirit that scampers when the alarm goes off, a knowing that you have bigger gifts to share but fear and habit and to-do lists might keep you from sharing them this lifetime?

Are you aligned with your purpose? Does your life have deep meaning

When the endtime story is told, will you be proud of the role you played in it?

And what’s in your way? If you listed external things, dig deeper, find the root where you’re in your own way. The soil may be full of bullshit–formidable, systemic, oppressive shit–but there’s always a root you’re responsible for, a place where you can make deep real change.

And now this: If you did your healing work–and it is work–what might be possible for you?

What if you deeply loved yourself? What might unfold in your life from there? Pause here to think about this, and ideally write it down.

Now take it a step further: what if everything you just wrote down unfolded, what might then shift and unfold from there?

This is the journey we are taking in the workshop tomorrow.

Join us if you’re fed up and ready for action.

We need you.

It is time to step into your power now.

Stay Fierce Bruja,
Dr. Florie Wild

P.S. And consider taking the longer journey, Wild Women Rising, which starts in June. There are still a few taster workshops left, but this cohort is filling fast. This program will get you out of your way and on a mission. Maybe 2022 is your year.

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