Wild Women Rising

An Invitation For Women Creatives And Healers With A Vision

Ready To Unleash Your Wild Self…

Who Are You To Want More?

More Freedom. More Confidence. More Connection. More Security. More Intimacy. More Power. More Spirit. More Abundance.

Could Life Really Be Better?

These questions are so common among us–among women.

You Know You Have Been Called To Something Bigger,
But Something Is In The Way…

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Is this you?

You are feeling like life is pretty good, maybe even good enough, but you have more to offer and maybe lack faith or confidence you can get there.

Maybe you have a little fear and could use some validation from from others. Change can be scary. Fear can cause us to not prioritize our dreams. It can allow the needs of others to become the constant priority over your own needs. 

Feeling stuck?

Maybe you have a vision to be a published author and go on book tours, or spend time traveling abroad with your family, or be a great mom.

Or maybe you want to spend time in nature with people that you love, or have a healthy intimate partnership with someone that you respect and admire and who makes you laugh, or maybe you want to turn your passion into something that adds value to the world. 

No matter what your vision, if you are anything like me, where you are not a conventional or mainstream thinker, then you’ve probably got plenty of naysayers in your life (and in your head!). That can make it really scary to move forward. Things can feel like they are just not happening fast enough- if at all.

Maybe you grew up with this idea that you have to figure out how to do things by yourself, and not ask for help. That if you have to ask for help then that means you’re not ready.

This negative thinking pattern can spiral down your self confidence and have you being so hard on yourself that you start to give up on your dream. You start having regrets.

If any of this sounds familiar, you could probably use some support to:

  • Deepen your sense of trust in your intuition

  • Make self-care a priority to increase your creativity and energy levels

  • Grow your self-love to decrease the dependence on validation from others

  • Confidently speak your truth so you can take a stand for your needs

  • Create healthy boundaries so you can say “no” with grace and stay focused on your vision

  • Decondition all the ways that we as women have learned to stay small, and focus on others to the point where we lose ourselves and abandon our dreams

Hello, my name is Dr. Florie Wild

I’m a licensed Psychologist. I specialize in helping connect people to their dreams, power, and intuition, to become their bigger, more confident, free and alive selves. Over the last 10 years I have helped hundreds of women usher their visions into reality by teaching them to become their own best advocates. I call this process becoming a “Wild Woman.”

A Wild Woman is someone who…

Puts herself first and then gives and inspires from a place of abundance. She knows who she is and she’s not bothered when people don’t like it. She has learned what her gifts are. They add so much value to the world and she is well compensated for them: so much so that she has freedom to spend her days how she wants to: with her family, nourishing herself, being creative, dreaming and manifesting. She surrounds herself with people who uplift her, and she’s unstoppable in the face of fear. She takes care of herself. She lives her dream. She doesn’t hold back.

When you are living your soul’s purpose your life feels profound, meaningful, and potent.

That’s Why I Am Excited To Invite You To Wild Women Rising!

Imagine the support of a tribe of wild women as you uncover the gifts you have to share with others. Imagine having the support of a mentor who deeply sees your value, and beckons your gifts out into the world. Imagine a program that helps you uncover who you are, deeply accept and love all of it, and find the confidence to let your freak flag fly as you unleash your wild woman with pride.

What would your life be like if you learned to put yourself first? For starters, you’d attract the right kind of friends and partnership you want and you’d become a better parent because you’re role modeling a life you’d actually want your children to live.

Wild Women Rising Is a 12 Month Group Immersion Program To Support Your Life’s Visions and Dreams

Here’s What You Will Learn Each Month:


  • Gain deeper access to your intuition and learn how to use and trust it as a guide so you can be unshakable in your confidence that you know what and who are right for you.

  • Strengthen your faith in yourself to feel that your visions for life are completely possible and supported so you don’t waste any more time at the wrong job, in the wrong relationship, or spending too many hours of your precious life doing waste-of-time things.

  • Create personal rituals to connect with Spirit daily.

  • Learn one of the most powerful tools to help you see the bigger, more meaningful story behind whatever you are going through so that you can make more empowered choices with your wise self as your guide.

  • Discover ways to engage in deep conversation with yourself that bring your unconscious to the surface through the creation of altars, exploration of sandtray art, and developing your very own set of soul note oracles.


  • I’ll be guiding you with psychological tools for emotional healing work to change your limiting beliefs and stories.

  • The group will provide you with the long term structure and tools to rewire your brain and transform the chorus of negative voices in your head, giving you more confidence, and a ton more energy.

  • We’ll explore exercises, like writing your autobiography, so you can see your stuck patterns and realize that you have a tremendous amount of wisdom within.

  • Learn an effective process for identifying, distancing, weeding, and transforming even the most subtle of negative voices


  • Get clear on who you are, what you want, and go for it. Practice courageous vulnerability, so you can find your people and be deeply known and loved.

  • Learn to love boldly and wildly, so you can attract healthy relationships and experience deep and abundant love.

  • Shift old habits of over-giving. Deepen your capacity to trust and receive.

  • Learn to live your life with fewer boxes, masks, and pretend. Release people-pleasing patterns, so you can be 100% you and feel like you belong and are enough.


  • We’ll explore how to have healthy relationships to boundaries, assertiveness and anger.

  • You’ll learn how to stand up to the abusive voices in your head and in your life, to stop them from ruling your world.

  • Discover the counter-intuitive sacred formula for sealing in your bones that You Are The Authority.

  • Create your own ethical system so that when you are making choices you can look within and see if they are aligned with your personal integrity, rather than seeking validation or avoiding disappointing others.

  • Practice in a safe group space to give real, live, honest feedback to speak your truth and needs while staying grounded and connected to yourself.

  • Practice having a shield to not take responsibility for whatever others are feeling-  – even someone who might trigger you or throw you off your center.

  • You will find your ferocity. It will be far easier to move around in the world, be strong and not afraid of anyone’s judgment or accusations.


  • Get ready to learn how to work through your fears and expand your comfort zone to take bold steps towards your goals.

  • I’ll share with you the best tools of psychology to talk with your fear in a loving but firm way, so you can refuse fear the power of running your decision-making.

  • Learn to live in the realm just outside your comfort zone, “where the magic happens.”

  • Each time you do this your comfort zone will expand, and you will feel more and more courageous and capable. Bringing your dreams into the world will become less and less scary.


  • Learn how to prioritize your needs and give yourself permission to do what most supports you while being more generous with yourself.

  • This might look like being a loving parent to yourself and providing encouragement to do the things that nourish you, like yoga, exercise, healthy eating, dating, learning new languages and exploring hobbies, so that you can enjoy your life more and give to others from a place of abundance.

  • This program will help rewire and support you to make the behavior shift towards making self care a priority.

  • Weekly assignments will include 3 hours of Wild Woman Time, which means carving out self care alone time -even if it’s just time to figure out what you need–now.

  • Doing more things that are good and medicinal for you will further help with other issues, like fear and anxiety.


  • Get back into your body. I will be sharing my most potent tools for feeling free, wild, and alive, so you can be in the flow. Life will feel more easeful, and you will have way more energy. 

  • In a safe space, we will collectively heal personal and cultural wounds around sex and sexuality. Together we will expand horizons and limits, so you can experience more pleasure and creative, sensual self-expression. 

  • Deepen your relationship with desire by learning the tools to uncover, follow, and fulfill it. Learn how to ask for what you want while overcoming fear of rejection.

  • Practice setting boundaries so you can feel safe while boldly trying new things.

  • Learn the secret of prioritizing your pleasure by taking time for yourself and being selfish in a good way You will have accountability to create habits, where you get out more, whether it’s hiking, meditation, yoga, dancing, or time in nature. 


  • Remove blocks to intimacy by healing old relationship wounds.

  • Be deeply seen and held by the group, so that you can love and accept all parts of you.

  • Experience a life-changing practice for releasing guilt, anger and regret.

  • Discover how to remove the most common major block to intimacy. This one technique will help you feel more alive and present in each moment and attract friends, lovers, and community. 

  • Master the skills of asking for and receiving support.


  • Build your capacity to sit with grief so you can have deeper connections and be more present for the happy moments in your life.

  • Participate in a powerful grief ritual and experience the profundity of crying together.

  • Journey with others in the depths, where you can open the Pandora’s box of emotions you have been pushing away.

  • Expand your range of emotions and build the strength to feel them.

  • Experience life without walls or numbing. Carry forth a protocol for sorrow, including the tools and resilience to deal with life’s most challenging situations.



  • Receive feedback from the group about how you are deeply seen, understood, and appreciated. Hear reflections on how they have witnessed your Wild Women Rising journey.

  • Get crystal clear about the unique gifts you have to offer the world and feel the confidence to share them.

  • Discover confidence and how to not give a F*#@k–i.e., how to get ego out of the way and let spirit come through you, so you can make the difference you know you are here to make and stop wasting precious time.

  • Get it into your bones that you are qualified enough, you are ready, your gifts are needed, and now is the time.

These skills, tools, resources and teachings are lessons that will forever transform your life- it’s the kind of work that is most needed but never taught in school. As a clinical psychologist, I am so excited to be pulling together and sharing the very best strategies that have helped my clients create a life on their own terms. This is intense development for your personal and professional growth. The incubator of this amazing group of women is designed to hold you and help you do the profoundly transformational work I’ll be guiding you through.

This 12 Month Journey Includes:

  • 20 Immersive Virtual Training Retreats spread over 12 months

  • Weekly one-on-one Soul Sister Support Sessions

  • Treasure chest of creative activities to deepen the work between retreats

  • Psychology tools for re-patterning your fears and self-doubt

  • Self-Care Assignments

  • A community of Wild Women for long-lasting friendships

The Wild Women Rising 2021 journey begins in February 2021 and ends in February 2022. The retreats will take place virtually from 10am-3pm on the following Saturdays: 2/20, 3/6, 3/20, 4/17, 5/1, 5/15, 6/12, 6/26, 7/10, 8/7, 8/21, 9/18, 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/13, 12/11, 1/8, 1/22, 2/5

Ready to feel powerful, grounded, and connected?
Generate your deeper sense of purpose on the planet.
How much is it worth to you to move towards a bigger, more meaningful life on your own terms?

Be supported to manifest your dream. How would your life be different?

We are currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Wild Women Rising cohort!

The women who say yes to this program are amazing.
Cheers to your Wild Woman Rising,
Dr. Florie Wild

I’m interested in Wild Women Rising!

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