Grief Group

Are you feeling the ache from someone’s absence?

The pain can feel sharp, cutting quick, deep, and hard.

Other times it’s relentless and all-consuming, with no clear way forward.

And then there’s feeling the weight of it all while everyday life continues where even the happiest moments are tinged with grief.

…and so few people get it!

It can get so lonely when people don’t hold it well, when you open up and share only to feel empty, drained, and worse off.

Or maybe you isolate your pain because you fear being a burden.

Because what if you open up this black hole just to find it’s an endless pool that will never go away?

What if you scare people away? Maybe you already have.

And so the dam builds and begins trapping all the good emotions too, and you can start to feel like you’re not really living.

To avoid feeling anything that might start a flood, your world shrinks,

which can lead to anxiety and depression, making your world even smaller.

But it doesn’t have to be this way….

What if there was a safe place to share your grief, with kindness all around you?

…a  place where you could feel connected, seen, and accepted for who you are,

…a  journey with people who are also in the depths,where you can grieve openly

and open the Pandora’s box of emotions you have been pushing away.

…a circle where your darkest pain is well held and your courage helps others.

…a community of support where your pain could be witnessed, validated, and understood, where you could share stories, and hear the experience of others further down the path?

..stories that offer hope, and a way through.

You could begin to let some of the pain go, maybe even find new direction on your own path, and the beginnings of a new world.


Hello, I’m Dr. Florie Wild

As a Clinical Psychologist of almost two decades, I create safe spaces where all the pain, shame, and fear can be shared, loved, and brought through to the light. As a seasoned midwife to grief I build community through rituals that take us into the deep waters where real and lasting healing takes place.


Grief and joy can’t be extricated. We must grieve to the extent we loved, and if you can go through the grief, you come back to joy.


But it’s easy to get stuck on the way.


I want to teach you to trust your grief and your intuition.


With the support of a community of grievers who deeply get you, I would love to guide you to finding the tools, trust, strength, and resilience to take you to the other side.


Here’s what you can expect on this journey….


  • Join a community where you can share your heart with others who get it. Feel connected, seen, and accepted for who you are.

  • Experience a group culture where there’s permission to be totally authentic and irrational with all your messy feelings.

  • Learn to follow your intuition so the natural grieving process can occur. This will allow the grief to move through you and help you avoid the longest, darkest times.

  • Master the skills of asking for and receiving support.

  • Learn powerful home practices, such as building an altar and talking out loud with the people you’ve lost, so they can continue to have presence in your life.


  • Gain wisdom from the range of grief experiences. Get insights from other members about things you’ve been feeling but haven’t been able to put words to.

  • Tell your story while being loved, acknowledged, and validated so you can start to hold what happened with more peace and spaciousness.

  • Learn proven tools that have helped others move through grief to have fulfilling lives.

  • Have your feelings normalized as you’re reminded that loss is universal and there is a path that will bring you back to joy.

  • Share stories about the people you lost so everything you loved can be remembered.  


  • Master the ancient formula for leaning in to the grief so it can come up and through. Begin feeling movement towards the joy, humor and lightness on the other side.

  • Participate in a powerful grief ritual and experience the profundity of crying together.

  • Expand your range of emotions and build up the strength to feel them. Practice surrendering to the unknown in sacred space to develop a courage you will take with you everywhere you go.

  • Build your capacity to sit with grief so you can have deeper connections and be more present for the happy moments in your life.


  • Experience a life-changing practice for releasing guilt, anger, and regret.

  • Face your own mortality so you can focus on what is truly important.

  • Dig into your curiosity about what lies beyond this reality. Wrestle with meaning and forgiveness so you can find a spiritual home and deeper sense of the sacred in your life.

  • Learn to sense and welcome the presence of people you’ve lost. Deepen your relationship to the spirit world so you will always feel connection, guidance, and support.


  • Receive feedback from the group about how you are deeply seen, understood, and appreciated. Hear reflections on how they have witnessed your grief journey.

  • Experience life without walls or numbing. Carry forth a protocol for sorrow, including the tools and resilience to deal with life’s most challenging situations.

  • Uncover the gold in your grief. Discover previously unimagined strength and courage.

  • Graduate with a lightened spirit into a life with more joy, meaning, presence, and depth.

The Online Grief Group Journey Includes….

  • Bi-weekly Zoom groups on Tuesdays from 11:00am-12:30pm PST

  • Weekly one-on-one support sessions with group members who get it

  • Creative assignments to move through grief and appreciate life more

  • Intentional space that’s set aside to grieve with experienced support

  • Lifelong tools and resiliency for dealing with painful emotions

  • Supportive community for lasting friendships

  • Private WhatsApp Group for between-group support

  • A spiritual home and sense of the sacred in your life

The Investment cost is $200 month. Minimum 5 month commitment to join.

Sliding scale spots available with demonstrated need.

The Online Grief Group has open enrollment, and is accepting applicants now.


Avoid getting stuck in your grief,

of having it last longer, and be more painful than it needs to be.

We are not meant to grieve alone.

Give yourself the gift of a wise, safe tribe and experienced support.


Email to book a Free Release your Grief Call with Dr. Florie Wild.

In this potent 30 minute call we will:

  • explore where you might be stuck with moving through your grief

  • feel into what gold may possibly lie for you beyond your grief

  • explore if the grief group might be a fit for you


I look forward to connecting with you.

Big Love,

Dr. Florie Wild