Wild Women Rising Taster Event

Is there something exciting calling to you, asking you to step into a bigger, more powerful way of being?

This workshop will help you deeply access your intuition and journey to a vision of what is possible for you. You will connect authentically with others in a playful, soulful way, and leave with steps you can take towards manifesting a powerful five year Vision Map.

Saturday, December 5th


Dr. Florie Wild, Psy.D. is masterful at reconnecting women to their dreams, wildness, and power, so they can feel more confident, alive, and free. She especially loves helping women become leaders.

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* All persons identifying as female are welcome.

This event offers a taste of my 12 month transformational program, which starts in February, and is online this year. You can read the program description here, or you can watch the video below to get a sense of what it’s all about.